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All of our projects include these great benefits.

No Installation or Buy-in Fees

This is not rooftop solar! No solar panels are installed on your roof or property, and there are no buy-in fees to subscribe to community solar.

Community Solar is Portable

If you move and you are still a customer of the same utility, your subscription moves with you! If you move outside the utility, you can cancel free and clear.

Keep Your Supply Contract

If you have power through a retail electric supplier, you can still sign up for one of our community solar projects. No need to cancel your supply contract - you’re all set!

White Marsh

Finally, the power of the sun belongs to everyone, not just a privileged few. Thanks to the Maryland Public Service Commission, those who qualify as low or moderate income can save hundreds of dollars annually on their BGE bills, and it does NOT require a roof or any installation! Here at Neighborhood Sun, we work to ensure all Marylanders have an equal opportunity to clean energy. Community solar provides all the benefits of rooftop solar panels without the expense or headaches that come with them. The White Marsh project is currently available and provides various benefits and savings for those who qualify.

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Project Coverage

If you're located within the shaded area shown here you're able to support clean, local, and more affordable power.

Contract Details

Contract Term

20 years (Open) / Month-to-month (LMI)

Contract Type

Discount: 10% (Open) / 25% (LMI)

Cancellation Fees

No fee

Cancellation Info

No fee

How It Works

When you sign up for a community solar project, you will receive credits each month on your electricity bill. These credits will go toward offsetting the cost of your bill, allowing you to save money and contribute to a more sustainable future. It's that simple. Here are the three easy steps to make it happen.


Provide Basic Details

Fill out a subscription form with basic details (name, email, etc.) and have a recent electricity bill handy. As you continue your registration, you’ll have to enter your utility account number and energy usage information so we can determine the right amount of the solar project to allocate to your bill.


Access Dashboard

Once you’ve subscribed, you will be given access to a personal dashboard where you can see the project's solar energy production, your document library (contract, bills, etc.) and your monthly savings.


See Savings

You will start seeing savings on your electricity bill a month after your community solar project becomes operational.

Learn more about community solar

Community solar can be easy. Check out some useful resources here to learn how you can join and support renewable energy while saving money on your bill.


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