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About the Project

Project Story

THE OXON HILL ROOFTOP PROJECT is a 558.72 kW project that is located on the rooftop area of an existing self-storage facility located in Oxon Hill, Maryland. It was the first Community Solar energy generating system to receive authorization to operate within Pepco Maryland territory, and one of the first large rooftop community solar projects in Maryland. This project is able to provide roughly 100 households in both Price George County and Montgomery County with clean, renewable solar power. In addition, it is the first community solar project in the Pepco Maryland territory that will supply energy to Pepcos low- and moderate- income (LMI) residents.

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1 year (auto-renewing)

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Discount: 10% (Open) / 20% (LMI)

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No fee

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Please provide 60 days notice

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Project Coverage Area

The coverage map shows the local area that is able to participate in the project. If you're located within the shaded area shown and the project is accepting subscribers, you are able to join the project and support clean, local, more affordable power.

Neighborhoods and Cities Served *

Pepco Territory

* This list is not exhaustive

Power Generation


kWh of Clean Energy Produced

Less Miles Driven
Trees Planted
Lbs. of Coal Avoided

**Statistics shown above are based on generation recorded in the chart and the EPA greenhouse gas equivalencies calculator at These statistics are uploaded monthly.

How You Save

Old Bill


Charges: $100.00

Credits Applied: $0.00

Amount Due: $100.00

Bill With Neighborhood Sun


Charges: $100.00

Credits Applied: -$100.00

Amount Due: $0.00


Generated: 1000 kWh

Credits: $100.00

Amount Due: $90.00

You save $10